With over 30 varieties of premium Chicken fillet products available we have something for everyone in the family. Sourcing only the finest ingredients, we are exceptionally proud of our products ensuring that you our customer continues to receive the products you expect & deserve.


Stuffed - Breaded breast

  • Chicken Kiev

  • Creamy Peppered Chicken

  • Country Stuffed Chicken

  • Sweet Chilli Chicken

  • Cordon Bleu Chicken (Ham & Cheese)

  • Hawaiian Chicken (Ham, Cheese & Pineapple)

  • Creamy Cheese & Leek Chicken (Cheese Sauce & Leek)

  • Gluten Free Chicken Kiev **

** Manufactured using Gluten free ingredients


  • Breaded Chicken Maryland

  • Peppered Chicken fillet

  • Southern Fried Breaded Chicken fillet

  • Peppered Chicken fillet

  • Breaded Chicken fillet Burger

  • Battered Chicken fillet Burger

  • Southern Fried Breaded Chicken Burger

  • Southern Fried Battered Chicken Burger

  • Peppered Chicken fillet Burger

  • Hot & Spicy Firecracker Chicken Fillet

  • Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast **

Goujons & Nuggets

  • Breaded Inner Chicken fillet Goujons

  • Battered Inner Chicken fillet Goujons

  • Southern Fried Chicken Inner fillet breaded Goujons

  • Southern Fried Chicken Inner fillet battered Goujons

  • Peppered Inner Chicken fillet Goujons

  • Garlic Inner Chicken fillet Goujons

  • Hot & Spicy firecracker Inner Chicken fillet Goujons

  • Salt & Chilli Inner Chicken fillet Goujons

  • Breaded Inner Chicken fillet Nuggets

  • Battered Inner Chicken fillet Nuggets

  • Gluten Free Inner Chicken fillet breaded Goujons **